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Sleep masks

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Earplugs - they are inserted into the ears!!! :)) To be honest, I always considered them insignificant nonsense. And one day I really wanted to sleep on the plane, but constant announcements on the radio and a huge noisy company of neighbors with small children did not let me sleep.

I used earplugs, the inconvenience of which lasted a couple of minutes at most, you get used to them quickly. And lo and behold!!! As if he fenced himself off from everyone with a wall and dozed off sweetly. Only dinner woke me up – but it's sacred! On a long flight, food is one of the main entertainment, and you also want to eat!

Another useful travel accessory often sold with earplugs – is sleep masks. They also help out a lot, since it is not always possible to close the porthole, or when turning around, the bright sun shines directly into the eyes of another porthole. And as you remember, the sun is much brighter at the top than on the ground, since it is not scattered by atmospheric vapors.

Great choice – these sleep masks and Roncato and Samsonite – are very comfortable, soft, and pleasant to the face.

In our Koffer.UA store, it is easy to choose this product or receive it as a gift when buying some suitcases.

  • Sleeping set (eye mask + earplugs) Roncato 409113/00

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